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have been influenced by, quote, emotional drama. the u.s. state department confirms that two americans are among the dead. there's new video that appears to show people inside a mall in the hard-hit city of tacloban. many stores and homes have reportedly been stripped bare by survivors desperate, of course, to get food and water, but there is somewk test. test. test. test. test. test. in california one provider said it will grant a two-month extension for over 100,000 customers but still some estimates have more than a million people losing their insurance plan in that state alone. in an effort to spark those interested in signing up for health care, the latest ad from two group, colorado consumer health initiative and progress now are drawing some eye rolls. an ad touting obama care reads let's hope he's as easy to get as this birth control. my health insurance covered the pill which means all i have to worry about is getting him between the covers. i got insurance now. you can too. the group has also done ads featuring a ryan gosling cutout. girls taking shots off of skis and, of cou
government needs to honor that pledge. also, what do you get when you merge u.s. airweights with american airlines? the joke may be one less frustrating airline. but what you really get is the world's largest carrier. details on what that might mean for you and future travel. the sports world electrified by a pair of 18-year-olds and the two best played last night. i've got to dust up my hoop highlight skills. this is "way too early." >>> good morning. brian schactman here, wednesday, november 13th. a little bit later a little sneak peek at what a lady gaga "saturday night live" will look like. for now let's just put the humor aside for a bit and we want to get you updated with what's going on in the philippines. the death toll has been lowered significantly. we still don't know the full extent of the damage and the loss of life. the country's president now says up to 2500 people were likely killed in the storm. he says earlier estimates of 10,000 may have been influenced by, quote, emotional drama. the u.s. state department confirms that two americans are among the dead. th
christie last night? why you looking directly into our souls? it's okay, chris, you had us at hello. >>> for all of you shrugging at the fact we're already talking 20 16, i think you better get used to it. and let's face, it a chris christie presidential run would be a lot of fun. we'll catch you up on all the chatter surrounding the popular new jersey governor. here's a hinted -- not everyone is happy about it. >>> also while you catch up on us and on twitter, today's the day you can actually own a piece of the company. we'll look at whether it's a good investment on the day it goes public. >>> and the worst hit-and-run you've probably ever seen. we can show you because no one got hurt except probably someone's pride. this is "way too early." >>> good morning. brian shactman. we really need to start the story surrounding the miami dolphins because it's what everyone seems to be talking about. it's transcending sports. as the bullying case involving two players unfolds, the general manager of the team reportedly offered one way jonathan martin could have handled the situation -- pun
-line porn habits. i'll give it straight to you in five minutes. >>> pretty much all of us know this yoga pose, but literally using your dog at yoga. that's right. it's a pre-thanksgiving edition of "way too early." >> dog lovers and their best friend. good morning. wednesday, november 27th. we have a lot of turkey-related stuff for you. there's turducking, right? bill. bill. bill is, like, giving it away. i'm glad your mike was off. obviously before we get to the fun of thanksgiving, you have to get to thanksgiving. >> yeah. >> for a lot of people that's going to be a problem. one of the busiest and sometimes worst travel days of the year you have to land on top of that the storm on the entire east coast, and you have a recipe for aggravation, folks. i book the a plane ticket and a train ticket -- >> now you're walk. >> it's literally planes, rains, and automobiles for me. i have decided to go with the car. i'm driving. >> at least you control e control your own destiny. >> i like that. >> he was struck by one thing. it was extremely warm where we are ms part of the country, which shocke
called the nuclear option in the u.s. senate and gorng george w. bush's visit to the republican governors association. but we of course begin with a day of reflection. ceremonies will strietch nationwide. 5,000 will fill dealey plaza in dallas. the site of the assassination. church bells will toll at 12:30, the time when he was shot. the impact affected not just the country, but an entire generation of americans. it provides some of our most iconic images of sorrow like of course young jfk jr. saluting his father. this was the headline then. kennedy slain on dallas street. and this is the headline today. today's editorial page claims even now it is a moment the city cannot the fully move beyond. long ago nicknamed the city of hate. in his final speech that day in ft. worth, kennedy proclaimed america's strength in the face of communism. >> so this country which desires only to be free, which desires to be secure, which desires to deliver peace for 18 years under three different administrations has borne more than either share of the burden for more than its number of years. i don't think
, where president hamid karzai more reluctant now than ever to accept u.s. troops in his country beyond 2014. yesterday he met with national security adviser susan rice to discuss the proposed deal. karzai, however, issued a set of new conditions that made any agreement seem pretty unlikely. his spokesman says the afghan government is looking for a pledge to end all u.s. raids on afghan homes, for washington to send all afghan detainees at gitmo back to afghanistan, and for u.s. officials not to endorse any candidates in next year's afghan elections. and this seems to be all that this is about is that election. white house officials say without an agreement by the end of this year, military officials will have no choice but to operate as if all coalition troops will be withdrawn from the country. >>> there's a stunning, new report out this morning about a secret cia program used after 9/11 to hunt down terrorists. according to the "associated press," the agency ran a facility at guantanamo bay to turn prisoners into double agents. they would then be sent back overseas to kill members of
minutes. but i want to start with this potential deal with afghanistan. u.s. military appears one step closer to having american troops in afghanistan beyond the end of next year. secretary of state john kerry has announced a preliminary agreement between u.s. and afghan officials. the "new york times" reports the deal could keep american forces on the ground through 2024. it would also include billions of dollars of international assistance. other reports say the deal will be limited to counterterrorism and training of afghan forces. the obama administration not giving specifics, but it is pushing back on suggestions that americans will be fighting the war far into the future. white house official says it is, quote, completely wrong to suggest that troops will be in afghanistan until 2024. one thnk we know will not be included in the deal is an apology by the united states. yesterday secretary kerry made it clear that would not be happening. >> let me be clear, president karzai didn't ask for an apology. there was no discussion of an apology. there will be -- there is no -- just not e
of toronto and alleged drug use. toronto police say they now have the video of embattled mayor rob ford smoking crack cocaine. reports of the video's existence surfaced back in may through the toronto star and a website, but now the city's police say they have recovered the video from deleted files on a computer found during gang raids as part of a separate investigation. city down scouncil members have ford's resignation. >> i have no reason to resign. i'll go back to return my phone calls, i'll be out doing what the people elected me to do. and that's take taxpayers' money and run a great government. >> the city police chief says there is nothing in the video that would prompt criminal charges, but added he was, quote, disappointed. >>> yesterday as the news broke, ford confronted media camped out at his home as he left for work angrily asking them to get off his property and physically pushing them out of his way. not his first run in with reporters. earlier this summer, he ran directly into a camera at another event. let's stretch it out until -- oh, that's not good. >>> no need to
. it must submit to dealy inspections. in return, iran would get modest relief from the u.s. sanctions. >> these are substantial limitations which will help prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon. simply put, they cut off iran's most likely paths to obama. the broader architecture of sanctions remain in place and we'll continue to enforce them vigorously. we will turn offer the relief and ratchet up the pressure. >> but already, there is a disagreement over the most basic of terms. >> this first step does not say that iran has a right to enrichment. so matter what interpretive comments are made, it is not in this document. there is no right to enrich within the four corners of the npt and this document does not do that. >> it doesn't say it in so many words. it says clearly that iran will have an enrichment program. it has right to nuclear technologies. >> there is deep skepticism from allies in the region, particularly saudi arain why and israel. and all along, congress has been considering deeper sanctions but held off to avoid breaking the deal. members are openly criticizing t
's third biggest airport fully up and running again, but underlying safety concerns after a man used an assault arrival to kill one tsa agent and badly injured two other people. paul ciancia is in critical condition after being shot multiple times by officers. he was carrying five high capacity magazines, a bag of ammo and happennd written lette explaining his rampage. gun control advocates say the incident is unlikely to spark any head way in the limit of gun sales. >>> later today, the president will speak at an organizing for action health care summit looking to rally grass roots support for obama care. the white house remains under fire because of president obama's promise that if americans liked their health insurance plan, they could keep it. but according to the associated press, at least 3.5 million americans have already been issued cancellation notices from their health insurance provid s providers. that number is likely to go up as data from half the states still remains unavailable. and there is a report white house officials debated the health care pledge back in 2009 i
military flights away from the destruction. >> the people like us, very ordinary, can't go to manila. we suffer from hunger. no water. no medicine. >> the u.s. alone has deployed 5,000 personnel. >>> in texas, a small town evacuated after a gas pipeline exploded south of dallas. a drilling crew hit the pipeline sparking a massive explosion. the town of 700 people was evacuated as a precaution. the air in the area was not toxic. no reported deaths, thankfully, from that blast. >>> in florida, another sink hole consuming two homes, a boat, and a backyard pool. work being done as a precautionary measure. by noon yesterday, it expanded to 70 feet wide and 53 feet deep. >>> whitey bulger will serve two life terms in prison and then five more years. his crimes were called almost unfathomab unfathomable. much of the case centered on the fbi looking away from his crimes and using him as an infom mant. >> i realize that the actions of a small percentage of law enforcement many years ago caused some people to lose confidence in us. we'll continue to move forward. our job is to regain the faith and
. it looks like they can use those youtube bits of video that we enjoy. >> a way to keep nielsen relevant. there's very little you can do to get me off the couch on thanksgiving. maybe a little ipad shopping. black friday is almost a thing of the past now with what we got going on with thanksgiving. >> i think this is a phenomenal story. as an outsider you can tell from my accent i'm not an american. i'm puzzled as to why it should make any difference bring forward shopping days. surely there's enough places that americans can go to buy stuff and you talked about your ipad on the couch. but apparently it does seem to matter here. the latest polls target and toys "r" us is joining walmart to bring forward shopping hours into thanksgiving. they think it will make a difference. i fwes to gi i guess to give them the benefit of the doubt. this is one of the shortest shopping seasons between thanksgiving and christmas day. six days fewer than last year. maybe there's justification. i don't think any american has any problem knowing where to buy stuff. does bringing forward the opening hour, bri
. >> probably close to it. >> it's amazing. this is your house behind us. >> this is my house behind us. >> i found possessions of mine at least half a mile over. but this town will come together. we always do. we'll come back. come back. >> perhaps no town was hit harder than washington, illinois. where the path of destruction was absolutely devastating. that's where nbc's jay gray is standing by. how do things look this morning? >> reporter: hey there, brian. good morning to you. tragedy really still unfolding here and we'll only see it get worse as the sun comes up and assess the damage. take a look. you can see what we're talking about here and this type of debris and the splintered wood stretches for miles in this area. all six of those fatalities came from the central illinois area. there is concern talking to officials here that as the recovery teams continue to pore through all of in that that number could climb so that's something they're concerned about. not only here but across that entire region that you talked about where severe thunderstorms and tornadoes as many as 40 actually
ford reality experiment is off the air. fortunately for us, his story far from over. >>> technology as you might imagine impacts everything we do. how about and i remember pilots. are they so dependent on equipment that they can't do any old school flying? details on a new study and what it says about safety in the skies. sg >>> and a classic tune finally gets a video. this is "way too early". brian shactman here, wednesday, november 20. we have a lot of stuff today. in the cooler, george w. bush on the late night talk show circuit. lindsey vonn hurt again. and the sexiest people in tv news. and you know it's kind of a joke. i'm not on the list. but morning joe folks are. we'll have details on that. but we want to begin with the news surrounding afghanistan tho this morning. drawdown of troops was supposedly a fait accompli in 2014, but new documents obtained show the u.s. is prepared to maintain military outposts in afghanistan for years. possibly until 2024 and pay to support hundreds of thousands of security forces. the papers which have not been signed would spend billions of u.
tradition that has served us so well over the last decade. and at a time when washington was often broken, think about what virginia has been able to accomplish when we work together. >> mcauliffe also said he will pleat with every republican in the state assembly before being sworn in. the results far clearer in the state of new jersey. governor chris christie securing a second term with a resounding victory in the typically democratic state. he defeated democratic state senator barbara buono by 22 points. governor christie received 60% of the vote, solidifying his status as a top potential candidate for the white house in 2016. christie reflected on his state's recovery from superstorm sandy and the message shared by a local reverend in the aftermath of the disaster. >> he said when the lights went out no one cared what color your skin was. he said when you didn't have any food, no one cared whether it was a republican or a democrat offering you the food. when you didn't have a warm place for your family because of what happened in the storm, you didn't care if it was someone who though
. he's someone that does have a drug history. he has used drugs, but what possessed him to do tonight what he did, no one can really say. >> the mall will remain closed today as the investigation continues. >>> we also have a more complete portrait of the man, paul ciancia, who is the man accused of going on a shooting rampage at l.a.x. friday morning. he moved to california just 18 months ago and bought three guns. he was said to be a loner, quiet, introverted. even his roommate said the unemployed motorcycle mechanic was difficult to get to know. ciancia was reportedly carrying a smith & wesson assault rifle when he shot a bystander and three tsa agents, killing one of them. gerardo hernandez, seen a year ago while reviewing the i.d. of none other than kris jenner. the other two agents have, we have been told, left the hospital. the union representing the 45,000 tsa agents has called for arming all of its members. the shooter's condition is improving, but he has been unable to communicate so far. he was shot in the face by police. >>> as we mentioned at the top of the show, it is de
. >> zimmerman is being held without bail. >>> we're used to the circus surrounding toronto mayor rob ford but yesterday we may have seen a peak. the city council voted to strip the mayor of his official responsibilities. he loses half of his staff and most of his legislative duties. he doesn't plan to go quietly. he appears to be the mimicking drinking and driving. the mayor's actions ironic because ford the other day acknowledged himself he may have driven drunk in the past. yeah you can make it. you then this. people screaming shame, shame, shame from the public gallery and later ford takes off right into a female council member and later said he was trying to help his brother who was a council member and in an alter case. mayor apologized but ford was defiant over the moves to undercut his theory and took a moment to plug his new tv show with his brother which had its debut lasting night. >> it's nothing more than a coup de tat. and that means overrule a government. some people said this is a democracy. what's happening here is not a democratic process. i want people to listen to me to
news again. something she does stage on europe doesn't make air by the time it gets broadcast in the u.s. except, we have the original tape. we'll show it to you in the cooler. this is "way too early." >>> good morning, everybody. monday, november 11th. we some record-breaking performances in "sunday night football." hope you had mark ingram with drew brees on your fantasy team. >>> we start with the devastation of the supertyphoon in the philippines. the relief flight arrived. the c-130 was loaded with bottles of water, marines and sailors helping with search and rescue operations. it's difficult to assess the damage and the death toll. as many as 10,000 people could be feared dead, after one of the strongest storms on record. ian williams, live in the philippines with more. >> reporter: good morning, brian. that aid is desperately needed. the head of the philippine red cross described the aftermath of the typhoon as bedlam. now, rescue workers, relief teams, the army. they're trying to reach some of the worst affected areas. where communications are down. and roads are blocked. they di
people start to makes a they gear toward 2014. casey, thanks so much for getting up early for us. >>> now for the philippines where president obama is urging all americans to come contribute to relief efforts. the president says some of the affected areas are islands that american and philippine forces helped liberate cduring world wr ii. hundreds are on the ground with aid and that number expected to triple. countries around the world also picking up the pace. united nations world food program says rice and canned foods have been delivered to 49,000 people, of course that's a fraction of those affected. but the mayor of tacloban says impassable roads and lack of vehicles are forcing officials to choose between delivering aid or clearing bodies. as dr. nancy snyderman reports, american doctors working around the round in areas that have so far escaped the world's attention. >> reporter: city hall, badly damaged and now functioning as the local hospital. inside, american froms and veterans from across the country are feverishly working. wooden desks serve as operating room tables and flash
company do you think will be most relevant 15 years from now. use the #waytooearly. >>> they were delicious while they lasted. fda will move to do what other restaurants have already done, cut out transfats across the board. the ingredients are in frozen pizza to coffee creamers. it's harmful because it raises the risk of heart disease, increases bad cholesterol and lowers the good cholesterol. head of fda says it could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths every year. >>> the polio outbreak in syria is leading to grim warnings for countries across the world. a pair of german doctors say the outbreak could spread across europe. they worry it could be carried by refugees because of the violence. they caution the current vaccine may not be strong enough, adding it could take up to a year for a new outbreak to be detected. polio in syria paralyzed at least ten children and 2 million kids are the focus of vaccination efforts. >>> the u.s. may be on the eve of a major breakthrough in iran over the country's nuclear program. today, secretary of state, john kerry travels to switz
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)